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truck accidentsIn a given year, according to the West Virginia Department of Transportation, over 45,000 vehicle accidents take place. As a result of these accidents, about 25,000 injuries are reported on the road every year. Injuries and property damage result in over 3 billion dollars in economic losses. Unfortunately, many of these accidents could easily have been prevented. Negligent driving accounts for a majority of vehicle accidents in West Virginia every year.

West Virginia vehicle accidents can result in serious and lasting injuries. That’s why you need a West Virginia vehicle accident attorney who is serious about getting results.

At Goddard & Wagoner, PLLC, our serious accident and personal injury lawyers bring knowledge, experience, and tenacity to help our clients. We know that too many Morgantown and Clarksburg, West Virginia car accidents happen because drivers are negligent, careless, or even reckless. Maybe the driver responsible for your accident was distracted, talking on his cell phone, or worse, texting. In these cases, the insurance company and negligent party may be liable for your immediate and long-term medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, or other expenses resulting from the accident.

Negligent Driving and Its Consequences

Every few years, the West Virginia Department of Transportation releases a special report outlining the causes and contributing factors leading to accidents on the road. About 40% of accidents are the result of a driver’s failure to maintain control of the vehicle. In some cases, this might be the result of road conditions. Texting while driving, distracted driving, driving while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs (DUI), or driving while sleepy, also lead to a person’s inability to maintain control of a vehicle.

Other contributing factors to accidents include:

  • Exceeding Speed Limits
  • Improper Lane Change
  • Failure to Heed Traffic Signals
  • Failure to Observe Right of Way
  • Improperly Reversing Vehicle 

Vehicle accidents can result in a variety of injuries that can greatly affect a person’s quality of life. Head injuries can lead to memory loss, lost wages, and loss of functioning in daily life. Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries can lead to loss of function and can result in years of required rehabilitation and care. Internal injuries occur when the impact force of the car affects the body’s organs. These injuries can cause long-term pain and suffering. Additionally, many people suffer from psychological injuries as a result of having been involved in a car accident. It is important to contact a personal injury lawyer in Clarksburg, WV and Morgantown, WV who has the skill and experience to review your case and help you acquire the greatest possible compensation for your pain and suffering allowable under the law. Those who are responsible for your injuries should be held accountable. Goddard & Wagoner, PLLC will work tirelessly to ensure that justice is served.

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Our car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers are committed to uncovering the facts that help ensure full compensation payments from insurance companies. We will doggedly pursue and, if necessary, try your case. And we will not recommend settlement until we secure the best value of your car accident claim under West Virginia law.

If you or loved one has been the victim of an automobile crash in West Virginia, contact the car accident attorneys at Goddard & Wagoner, PLLC today. And let us secure the compensation you deserve.