Doctors and hospitals can make mistakes.

Our West Virginia malpractice attorneys help medical malpractice victims get the justice they deserve.

Medical MalpracticeThe law requires West Virginia doctors and hospitals to meet the “standard of care” when treating patients, or to exercise the level of skill and expertise that a reasonable physician or hospital would under the circumstances. It’s a complicated definition. Not surprisingly, the myriad issues involved in a West Virginia medical malpractice case are equally as complicated and complex.

At Goddard & Wagoner, PLLC, our medical negligence attorneys offer in-depth experience in the area of medical malpractice. Having defended major hospitals in the past, we have an intimate knowledge of what constitutes medical malpractice under West Virginia law. Today we put that expertise to work to successfully represent patients and their family members who have been misdiagnosed or who have been victims of medical error, failure to diagnose, wrongful death, or other forms of medical negligence.

In each case, our malpractice lawyers work closely with expert witnesses and consultants to make sense of the issues and develop the strongest cases on behalf our clients. We aim to protect patients’ rights. And we tirelessly pursue full compensation for injuries suffered.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice, contact the West Virginia medical negligence lawyers at Goddard & Wagoner, PLLC today. And let us maximize the value of your case.