TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYERS in West Virginia – Choose Goddard & Wagoner

Trucks are enormous. They pull trailers and tankers and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Yet, they are driven by humans who sometimes fail to pay attention, fail to maintain safe stopping distances, and often become distracted with phones, texting, and other electronic devices. Choosing the right attorney when you or a loved one is […]

Ohio Traffic Deaths Increase in 2014 – Goddard & Wagoner Attorneys and Lawyers

At Goddard & Wagoner PLLC, we represent injured people throughout West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Our firm has settled wrongful death cases in Ohio and West Virginia, and statistics are not encouraging about the safety of Ohio roads. According to the Insurance Journal, Ohio traffic deaths increased in 2014. If you or a loved […]

Tractor Trailer deaths on the rise for the fourth straight year

Large commercial trucks create a hazard when the driver fails to act with extreme caution. Barreling down the highway weighing up to 80,000 pounds, these trucks wreak havoc when they are involved in an accident. What might be a fender bender with smaller vehicles can cause significant injuries or death when these big rigs are […]

Goddard & Wagoner Lawyers ranked in Best Law Firms, Best Lawyers, Super Lawyers, Top 40 Under 40 (Clarksburg and Morgantown, WV)

Every year, the most prominent legal awards are announced throughout the country. Ever since Goddard & Wagoner PLLC opened in Clarksburg, West Virginia, it has been recognized as one of the Best Law Firms by U. S. News & World Reports. The lawyers at Goddard & Wagoner have also been recognized by Super Lawyers – […]

Who is at fault in a car or truck crash involving snow or ice?

Winter is coming and with it, car and truck collisions in which the road conditions are a contributing factor to the crash.  Clients often ask, who is at fault in one of these car or truck accidents.   At Goddard & Wagoner, our car, truck and motorcycle lawyers handle cases in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio […]

Tips on Avoiding Winter Car and Truck Accidents

It is that time of the year again as the season of snow, ice and (hopefully) road salt descends upon us.  It seems that every year at this time of the year we see a rash of auto and truck accidents related to wintry road conditions.  While some these are true accidents, many are avoidable.  […]

What types of insurance are available to compensate a car, truck or motorcycle crash victim?

If you are injured in a traffic accident due to the carelessness, negligence or recklessness of another, you may be looking for compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other injuries and damages caused by the other party.  Typically, your compensation will involve some measure of insurance.  In this post, we […]

What types of money damages can a motorcycle, truck or car crash victim recover?

We regularly represent individuals injured in truck, motorcycle and serious car accidents.  Often, our clients are unaware of the nature and type of compensation available to those injured or killed in a collision as a result of another’s wrongdoing.  As lawyers, we call this compensation, the measure of damages.  Motor vehicle crash victims are typically […]

Mandatory Minimums on Auto Insurance Coverage Coming

The West Virginia General Legislature is currently considering raising the mandatory minimum amounts of auto insurance coverage. The current mandatory minimum requires only $40,000 per accident and $20,000 per person for bodily injuries. The bill as amended by committee would increase that amount to $50,000 per accident and $25,000 per person for bodily injuries. While […]