Heavy-duty truck accidents demand heavy-hitting lawyers.

Our West Virginia tractor-trailer accident attorneys go the extra mile for you.

winter-truck-accidentDue to our state’s oil and gas industry, West Virginia’s roadways accommodate more than their fair share of tractor-trailers. When a smaller car is involved in an accident with one of these semis, the occupants of the smaller vehicle can be seriously or even fatally injured.

The truck accident attorneys at Goddard & Wagoner, PLLC offer the experience and expertise to maximize the damages injured parties can recover following a tractor-trailer accident. All too often, West Virginia truck accidents are the result of overworked or sleep-deprived truck drivers or poor semi-truck maintenance. Our truck accident attorneys are skilled at investigating tractor-trailer accidents and successfully determining and proving when truck owners are liable.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a semi-truck or other large truck accident, contact the West Virginia truck accident attorneys at Goddard & Wagoner, PLLC today. We’ll go the distance to secure the compensation you deserve.